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One of the Most Neglected Computer Repair Procedures

By John SchofieldOne of the most neglected computer repair procedures is the cleaning of the fan. One thing that people have to realize is this: every laptop computer was created individually and not all are the same same. Every model is made specifically, so you have to treat them as separates. When you first get your new laptop, it is normal for you to be excited about your shiny new toy. Laptops are nice and pretty when they are new, but if you are not careful, you can easily say goodbye to your expensive new toy. Part of deciding to own a laptop is the inherent responsibility equip yourself with quick and easy computer repair tips so that you can keep it running cool. Cleaning the fan in some laptop models can be qite easy, but there are some models who will require a specialist for the job to be done properly.christian louboutin

Nevertheless, here are the tools that you need to ready yourself with:

* A small screw driver
* A can of compressed air
* A tube of thermal paste

Once you have your tools ready, you can begin cleaning your laptop fan. Be sure to follow these instructions properly, because if you make a single mistake, you may regret it forever, so do not attempt to proceed if you are doubtful of your capabilities. Anyway, are you ready?

1. Remove the five screws that you will find at the bottom of your laptop. Come on, flip your laptop over and locate those five screws. Once you have unscrewed them, make sure to secure these because you might not be able to find a good replacement screw on the exact size. Once this is done, pry the cover open. You might hear a weird sound while you are doing this, but do not worry; that is normal.

2. You will then find, five more screws. These five screws are holding on the heat sink. Once you have removed these, you can also remove the two screws that hold down the CPU fan. When you are removing the fan, you have to be more careful because there is a connector attached to the fan. You will have to make sure to pull the plastic connector first. Do not pull on the cable because you night damage it.christian louboutin replica

3. Remove the heat sink and then spray it with compressed air. This will blow off the dust that has accumulated. After this, you can also remove the fan and then spray it with compressed air, as well. Be quite careful though, because the blades on the fan are quite delicate. Therefore to make sure that you protect this, you have to hold the wheel in place while you blow the compressed air on it.

4. After cleaning the heat sink and the fan, get the heat sink once again and check if the thermal paste on the small copper plates have hardened or cracked. If you find that the thermal paste is still in a toothpaste consistency, you have nothing to worry about; just leave it as it is and let it stay. If on the other hand, you discover that it has hardened, you can scrape off the hardened paste with a credit card or a thin plastic. Do not use a knife or any metal or you may damage the structure. Clean the surface first and blow it with compressed air, then apply a small amount of thermal paste on the heat sink and spread it around.

5. Put back every component as you took them out. Be careful not to misplace anything or your computer will not function properly.

6. Put the two screws and stabilize the fan in its position, making sure to attach the connector as well. Put back all the other screws in its proper place.

Congratulations! You have successfully performed a simply computer repair procedure!Computer Repairs Manchester Pc repairs ManchesterSource: christian louboutin kncokoffs

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Computer Repair 101: Fixing Bad Sectors on Your Hard Drive

By John SchofieldHanging or freezing is a common thing that happens to everyone. One minute you are happily working on your computer, playing a game, writing a document, working hard on a program --- or whatever it is that keeps you glued on to your computer, and next thing you know, it stops working. Freeze locking is something that happens to every PC and when this happens, you get a computer repair technique that will work wonders. It is not exactly amusing to have your computing constantly rebooting on its own. While in the middle of something very important, you need to be able to rely on a system that will deliver as you hoped it would without crashing. Just imagine the amount of work that you risk losing every time that happens; it would really be damaging! Therefore, here are some easy-to-follow techniques on how to deal with freeze locking, in case it happens to you anytime soon:brian atwood

a. Check your new installations

Retrace your steps. Did the freeze lock start after your installed something new into your system? If so, try to uninstall it and see if the problem persists.

b. Run your antivirus program and see if anything will be detected

As a computer owner, one of the first things you do is to install an antivirus program that will protect your system for any threat that may come. After some occasions of freeze locking, check if your system is updated and then run the virus scan and see if the program will detect anything.

c. Run your spyware removal tool

If after the virus-scan you find nothing wrong with your system, then you might want to consider running your spyware removal tool. If you are not dealing with a virus, there might be an adware or spyware present in your system, so check out for its existence efficiently.brian atwood replica

d. Monitor your hard drive space

If no virus of malware has been detected, then you might be running out on hard drive space. Check dive C: and check if you have more than 20% remaining. If you have less than 20%, you may want to consider creating more space by compressing your files and deleting unnecessary files.

e. Check your system for any signs of overheating

Overheating can be caused by the following: dust build-up, malfunctioning fans or other cooling problems. You can make sure than the power supply fan, as well as the CPU fan are running properly. Also check for dust build-up within your system and vacuum to clean it.

f. Check your hard disk

Check your hard disk from time to time. Defrag, clean disk and perform all the other functions that will improve how your system works.

g. Check the memory

Some system failures could be caused by memory failures. You can run a Windows Memory Diagnostic to check for this and should you find any memory discrepancies, you can try to re-seat the RAM or replace the defective RAM altogether.

h. Check your other hardware components

Sometimes you may also be dealing with a malfunction in any of your other hardware components. A computer repair specialist will deal best with this problem, so find one who can help you with this.brian atwood kncokoffs

i. Update windows and drivers

Also, there are times when you may experience free locks because of outdated operating systems and drivers, so make sure to always update your system so it can keep up with your needs.Computer Repairs Manchester Pc repairs Manchester

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5 Tips About Mortgage Finance: Refinance Home Loans at the Best

By Robbie JamesYour home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. The sheer amount of money that homeowners invest in their homes - both in terms of the down payments and the monthly mortgage payments - is stunning if you add up the numbers.brian atwood

And, it can take quite a while to really start significantly paying down the principal balance of your loan. That is because, especially for the first few years of payments, the vast majority of your monthly payment amount goes toward paying interest, not principal.

If you own a home, you may currently be at the point where you are considering mortgage refinance. But, what is a mortgage refinance, when should you do it, and how can you get the best rates?

What Is A Mortgage Refinance?

Simply put, a mortgage refinance is when you pay off your existing mortgage with a new mortgage loan, sometimes also called a refinance loan. The advantages of refinancing vary from person to person, but can include: a better interest rate, lower total cost of the mortgage loan, lower monthly payments, paying off your mortgage more quickly, and/or cashing out on some of the equity in the home.

When It May Be Time To Refinance?

There are a number of signs that it may be a good time for you to refinance your mortgage, including, for example:

a. You notice that interest rates have dropped in recent months or years, as compared to when you took out your mortgage.brian atwood replica

b. You have equity in your home (i.e., the value is higher than what you owe on your mortgage) and you want to cash some of that out.

c. You are now able to make higher monthly payments than previously, and you would like a new mortgage with a shorter repayment period (of say, 15 years instead of 30 years) in order to reduce the total cost of your mortgage.

Tips For Refinancing at Best Rates

You are going to want to get the best interest rates with your mortgage finance. Refinance home loans the right way at the best rates with these 5 tips:

1. Ask for lender referrals from friends and family: Word of mouth referrals can be a wonderful thing. Tell friends and family you trust that are thinking of refinancing your home and ask if they are working with a lender whom they have been pleased with. Start a list of any names they come up with.

2. Do your online research: Do some online research for mortgage refinance home loan lenders and build a list of at least 4-5 additional lenders who seem to be offering good rates.

3. Apply to all of them: Next, apply to all of the lenders. This will not hurt your credit score, since you are doing it at around the same time and for the same type of loan. It is easy to want to go with the first lender that makes you a loan offer, but do not stop with your first offer.

4. Keep negotiating: Even after you identify the best offer among all lenders, do not stop there. Instead, ask the 1-2 of the best offer mortgage lenders if they can do even better. Remember, you can always walk away.brian atwood kncokoffs

Follow these 5 tips to find the best rates on refinancing your home loan.Find more helpful tips at: Tips For Best Refinance Deals.

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What is a Reverse Mortgage?

By John AndrewThe economic recession has hit everyone in the USA hard and has affected everyone in the world. Different topics gained much popularity over recent weeks due to these economic developments. Mortgages are a topic of interest for many people, especially as it seems that there is much confusion to the topic itself. We will try to clear some of this confusion and explain what a reverse mortgage really is.christian louboutin

A reverse mortgage is considered as a loan available for seniors and is usually used as home equity that is released as one large or many small payments. The obligation to pay back the mortgage is deferred until the owner dies, the home is sold or the owner leaves (for example into a senior citizen care).

Contrary to a normal mortgage, where the homeowner makes monthly payments to pay off the house, in a reverse mortgage, the interest is added to the lien of the property. If the owner receives monthly payments, the debt on the property increases each month for example.

In the USA, a person wanting to take out a reverse mortgage needs to be at least 62 years of age. There is no minimum income or credit requirements set but people looking into applying for a reverse mortgage should make sure that they qualify for the loan before investing the time.christian louboutin replica

The amount of money that will be available after a reverse mortgage has been taken out is determined by five factors. First the appraised value of the objects and whether there are any repairs that need to be done. Second: the interest rate as determined by either the U.S. Treasury 1 year T-Bill, the LIBOR index or 1 Year CMT. Third is the age of the senior. Generally, the older the senior, the more money he or she will receive. Four is the payment plan, whether the payment is taken as line of credit, lump sum, or monthly payments. Each one of these variations has their own advantages and disadvantages, but explaining all of these would be beyond the scope of this article. Last but not least, the value of property and whether that value is higher than the national loan limit.

The costs associated with getting a reverse mortgage from a private sector lender can exceed the costs of other types of loans. The exact costs depend on so many factors that a specific example would not be appropriate, but for the most popular reverse mortgages, the following will accrue for sure:

You will need a mortgage insurance (2% of the value), origination fee (2% of the first $200,000, 1% thereafter), title insurance, title, attorney and county recording fees, real estate appraisal ($500) and a survey ($500). In addition to this there might be a monthly charge for the service, ranging from $24-55 per month.

As you can see there are many different aspects to a reverse mortgage and many of them are not as pleasant as you might have expected. The decision to apply for a reverse mortgage is a very big one so make sure that you educate yourself before doing so.Do you know What is a Reverse Mortgage? Everything you wanted to know about Reverse Mortgages now in one place. The right information can protect you from many mistakes.christian louboutin kncokoffs

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Become a Volleyball Setting Machine

By Hayley MerrettWhen volleyball was first introduced to us it wasn't exactly the same old beach volleyball we were exactly used to. In fact, it was not even called volleyball at all, it was first known as Mintonette. Volleyball was created in 1895 in Holyoke, christian louboutin
Massachusetts by William G. Morgan, a P.E.at the time of his invention. It was a much "less rough" alternative to its indoor counterpart basketball, which had just been invented only ten miles away in Springfield. Back then and still today, from Morgan to Misty May (Olympic gold medalists) we all know that in volleyball setting is a very important and difficult technique to master. But all it takes is a little patience and a whole lot of practice and you can be a perfect setting machine in no time. But first things first what exactly is volleyball setting you ask, well the wait is over I will answer that question.

First off, setting the ball is the action of popping the ball upwards to set up a spike for your team mates. Although not the most physically demanding technique in volleyball, it is definitely one of the harder skills to master. Some people might tell you how important serving or spiking is. Though this may be true, without a set there can be no flashy spike. Not to mention without a volleyball setting being one of your team's strong points, then it's probably going to be hard to keep the ball in your team's possession. Now that you know what and how important volleyball setting is to the sport, let me tell you how to perform the technique christian louboutin replica

To begin a set one of your teammates will "bump" or pass you the ball in the air. If u are the player on your team chosen to be the setter you should always be ready for the ball to come your way. You must be very quick to react so that you are in a good position to set the ball. Start by holding your arms about six inches over your head, and hold in your hands in a diamond shape as if you was waiting to catch a football. Now bend your knees just enough to get a little flexibility. When the ball is in the preferred position, lift up your arms and legs simultaneously so you get your whole body in to set. Make contact with the ball at exactly the right time and you have got a great set. Make contact too early or too late and your set could be looking like a lame duck soaring out of bounds. Your objective as your team's setter is to get the ball flying high about a foot above the net or lower depending on your teammates leaping ability and height. You also need to try very hard to get absolutely no spin on the ball because this will make it much harder for your teammate to get a good spike. Follow these steps and practice and you will be a volleyball setting master by a week after you read this.Hayley Merrett, Author and Volleyball Coach
Start winning more games now! Put the thrill and excitement of consistently winning back into your teams life. Sign up for 20 free drills at Volleyball DrillsSource:christian louboutin kncokoffs

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